Dancing Tiger Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, China Dancing Tiger), also referred to sometimes as China Magic Mushrooms, is a relatively new strain collected from a mycologist going by the name of Agar on the Shroomery forum. Agar received the spores from China in 2007, and they were described to him by the sender (a Chinese mycology student) as “laughing, dancing mushrooms.”. From this point, Agar named the strain appropriately as the Dancing Tiger. Some folks may still refer to it as P. cubensis China, as it is the only known strain from China.

The “laughing dancing mushrooms” have a history in China dating back 800 years. Whether these mushrooms were native to China or whether the spores travelled through trade ships is unclear. We can be sure that the Dancing Tiger mushrooms started growing and flourishing in southwest China.

The Dancing Tiger Magic Mushrooms are known to be very fast colonizers and prolific growers. One of the unique characteristics is that the mushrooms have oatmeal-like specs on the caps. This strain is known to give a visual and body boost, but it may depend on each person.

Expect average potency and enjoy it with friends or by yourself. Laughter and dancing will commence.

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