The Albino Penis Envy mushrooms is a rare and potent strain of psychedelic mushrooms that has captured the interest of psychonauts and mycology enthusiasts alike. By using authoritative reference titles such as Mycotopia, Psilocybin Mushroom Review, and Psilocybin: The Chemical Key to the Door of Perception, one can gain a comprehensive understanding of these unique and fascinating fungi.

We do not recommend this strain for beginners or experienced psychonauts only! Consume with caution. This mushroom strain is special and expects a transformative experience.

The appearance of the Albino Penis Envy psilocybin mushrooms can be described as thick and stout. The caps are often small relative to their extremely thick stem and are white or black. Because this is the Albino version, all parts of the shrooms are mostly white, black/blue, or very light in color. Albino Penis Envy shrooms grow extremely slowly and are very sensitive to their growing environment. Mycologists report that its slow growth time allows the Albino Penis Envy magic mushrooms to produce more psilocybin during their fruiting stage.

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