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Buy dried mushrooms online, Looking for dried shiitake mushrooms for your curries, soups, or vegetable dishes? How about some Chaga mushroom for your own blend of Chaga chai tea? Or is it time you finally started your at-home-mushroom garden? Here at Fungi Ally, we offer a wide array of mushrooms that our fungus-loving friends can buy online, directly from us!

Buy mushrooms online from us: The benefits

Our mushrooms are of the highest quality around. All of our spawn is created in a sterile lab under a flow hood to alleviate any worries of contamination. Our Chaga is wildcrafted responsibly, by us or trusted colleagues. The spawn we produce is grown in a sterile lab under a Laminar Flow Hood, assuring our mushroom spawn is contaminant-free. We also offer some of the most competitive prices in all of the fungal kingdoms. Here’s a look at our offerings if you want to buy mushrooms online from us. Fungi-Ally-Spawn-Mushroom-Pics-512x512

  • Buy mushrooms online with our mushroom growing kits: Try your hand at being a mushroom farmer, and reap the benefits of two pounds of gourmet mushrooms while doing it. Our mushroom grows kits are easy to use and can be placed inside or outside for maximum efficiency. All of our kits come ready to fruit, so you can begin using them immediately and you will be ready to harvest your fresh, edible mushrooms within 10-14 days. We currently have a range of mushroom growing kits available, including lion’s mane, shiitake, chestnut, cioppino, king trumpet, reishi, and a slew of beautiful oyster mushrooms. The oysters include pink, blue, and yellow oysters.
  • Plug spawn: Want to inoculate three dozen logs or stumps in the easiest manner possible? You’re in luck! Our plug spawn is made of 1” birch dowels that are covered with the mycelium of your choice (We currently offer shiitake, blue oyster, yellow oyster, maitake, and lion’s mane mushrooms). Spawn run and inoculation will take longer than using sawdust spawn, but there’s no quicker way than using our plug spawn.
  • Sawdust spawn: Take advantage of the logs or wood chips you have lying around your yard by inoculating them for mushroom cultivation. Our sawdust spawn is fast growing because of its small size, and all of our sawdust spawn is produced in a sterile lab, under a L09192015-FungiAlly-JuliaLuckettPhotography-25aminar flow hood, so you’re assured to have contaminant-free spawn to grow a feast of mushrooms fit for a king or queen. We offer sawdust spawn for shiitake, blue oyster, yellow oyster, wine cap mammoth, and lion’s mane mushrooms
  • Buy mushrooms online with our mushroom cultures: A mushroom culture is taken from spores or from the tissue of a mushroom. This process is a form of cloning. You are able to utilize the exact genetic characteristics of the mushroom by taking cultures. The benefit of using a mushroom culture is that you can inoculate hundreds of bags or jars of grain substrate with a single petri dish of mushroom culture. You can continue to expand out of this culture as well, as long as you keep the culture in refrigeration. You can buy mushroom cultures from us for a variety of edible, gourmet mushrooms.
  • Buy mushrooms online with our dried mushrooms: Our dried mushrooms are for the mushroom connoisseurs looking for the tastiest fungi to add to their favorite meal. We currently offer dried shiitake mushrooms, dried Chaga mushrooms, and a mushroom medley with shiitake, oyster, and lion’s mane mushrooms. Dried mushrooms are a great option for mushroom lovers because they have a significantly longer shelf life than fresh mushrooms. As long as you can keep the dried mushrooms in a cool, dry area, they should be good for years. Fresh mushrooms, on the other hand, typically cannot last longer than a week or so. Most people who choose to use dried mushrooms in dishes have to first reconstitute the mushrooms. This is done simply by placing the mushrooms in water, oftentimes overnight. The mushrooms will plump back up to normal size. These mushrooms are then perfect for soups and stews.

Tip: Can’t pick which dried mushroom to buy? Try our dried shiitakes first. These exquisite mushrooms are sun-dried for at least eight hours and then finished over low heat. They feature a strong nutty flavor perfect for soups, salads, rice, and veggie

If you want to buy mushrooms online, we got you covered

We aren’t just fungi aficionados, we’re also teachers, growers, and researchers that want to connect people with the fungal kingdom. In other words, we know our mushrooms. We know how to cultivate them, dry them, and make contaminant-free spawn. We’re so good at it that we even teach others how to do it. When you’re buying grow kits, spawn, or dried mushrooms from Fungi Ally, realize that you’re buying the highest quality mushrooms from people passionate about fungi. Buy mushrooms online from us now!

buy dried mushrooms