MMD is very excited to offer a very limited strain, Avery’s Albino. Avery albino mushrooms are a true albino strain of the Cambodian strain. It is unclear who is responsible for developing this strain but it is well-known amongst the community that this is a true albino strain; meaning even the spores are white! The other well-known “Albino” strain, Albino A+ is leucistic (partial loss of pigmentation in organisms) but not a true Albino.

Avery’s albino is rare and hard to grow. These Avery’s Albino mushrooms are generally not very tall but have thick caps and thick stems. Reproducing this strain is tough because the spores it produces are also white and very hard to visually collect.

Not much is known about the effects of Avery’s albino, given how rare this strain is. Please let our team know about your experience with them!

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