Escondido Mushroom Farm (Psilocybe Cubensis, Escondido) is another strain coming from Southern Mexico. This strain comes from the Puerto Escondido region, a very temperate and near-tropical region. The tropical climate and moisture allow for a perfect setting for wild mushrooms to thrive in the Escondido area. The indigenous population has been using magic mushrooms in this region for many centuries. Maria Sabina is a famous healer who introduced the Western world to mushrooms by holding a ceremony for R. Gordon Wasson and his wife in 1955. From this pivotal moment forward, the Western world received psilocybin mushrooms with many wonders.

Escondido shrooms are characterized by golden-brown caps and lighter-colored stems. They are known to be extremely easy and fast to grow. Some growers report that the second and third flushes of these shrooms are just as dense and fruitful as the first.

The Escondido is average in potency and can be great for first-timers as well as familiar psychonauts. Expect a good balance of insightfulness and visual effects. The traditional roots of this strain will bring out the shamanic experience many have gone through.

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